Bagels and CoffeeABOUT US

Opened in November 2018, KJ’s Caffe is owned by Kathryn and Justin Bastinelli. For years, the two wanted to open a family restaurant, however with 5 children it just didn’t seem feasible. They  decided that a local barista shop would accommodate their children’s busy schedules. The family dynamic would continue to grow and everyone would still be present for dinner every night. Kathryn and Justin want the feeling of a family atmosphere to spill over into their second home and the Caffe would feel as though anyone entering the shop is a part of their family too.

The goal is for you to feel right at home, as the team prepares delicious coffee, pastries, breakfast sandwiches and lunch for you.

The business will consist of multiple family members with the hopes that one or more of the kids can take it over as it will live for generations to come. Kathryn and Justin know their products are of the utmost quality that are fresh and made daily, just as it’s important to offer you the hospitality that you deserve. Kathryn and Justin will welcome you into their “home” as you wait for your morning pick me up or a mouthwatering gourmet Chocolate Chip muffin. Or, because they know sometimes you just want to be left alone, they will give you a smile hopes that you have a great day.

With over 20 different flavors of coffee, gourmet muffins, breakfast sandwiches, wraps, and cookies, there is something for everyone. KJ’s has the confidence that once you come in to taste all of the different offerings, you won’t want to go anywhere else. Gluten Free options are also available, not only because it’s prevalent in their family but to so many others as well. With the understanding that it can be difficult to find good gluten free items, KJ’s feels as though you won’t even know the difference. Please check out the wide variety of gluten free products.

Community is very important to the KJ’s family. If you have any upcoming events or functions, please visit the catering page on this website, or just give us a call, email or come in and ask for Justin.

We can’t wait to meet you, as we are all in this together.